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Dallas, TX – September 20, 2017 – Groundwork, the leading provider of protective services designed specifically for ground movements, today announced its formal launch of operations. With more than 7,000 missions completed to date without incident and active movement on five continents, Groundwork serves a clientele of executives and power travelers around the globe, as well as the teams that support them.

The most dangerous part of any travel plan is the movement from one secure location to another. Between traffic accidents, medical emergencies, extreme weather, and unforeseen events, security teams are hard-pressed to address this weak link consistently across the range of markets in which today’s top executives and high net worth individuals operate, while also satisfying the requirements for concierge-level service their principals have come to expect.

Groundwork meets this need by combining systems and support that are optimized for security-sensitive situations with an unparalleled team of Mobile Security Specialists in each market. Trained in crisis management, emergency medical response, and logistics management, Groundwork’s Mobile Security Specialists average more than 20 years of elite military special forces or law enforcement experience and are responsible for the care of each principal as they execute missions around the globe.

“Groundwork is truly pioneering the industry when it comes to our understanding of the science behind ground risk mitigation,” said Clay Hendon, Groundwork’s Managing Director. “We’ve developed a state-of-the-art mission management control center that uses cutting-edge technology, proprietary tools, and round-the-clock oversight to ensure our field team is better equipped and has far better intelligence about potential risks to their principals than anyone else on the road. Clients across the world trust their safety to Groundwork and appreciate our discretion and flawless service.”

One particularly unique component of Groundwork’s solution is the proprietary threat monitoring system that analyzes more than 500 million pieces of information in 100 languages every day as it works to inform the Groundwork team of developing incidents with potential to impact ongoing missions. Over the last six months, these advanced intelligence capabilities have alerted it to significant security incidents an average of nine minutes before they hit major news outlets.

“Travel risk management has become a hot topic of discussion for security professionals at organizations of all sizes, and rightfully so,” said Zachary Young, Groundwork’s Director of Operations, EMEA. “Given the sheer volume and variety of travel taking place today, combined with the varying duty of care requirements and the range of service levels expected for different types of travelers, managing these programs can be extremely complex. Groundwork’s high-touch approach and multi-channel communications allow us to work seamlessly to provide real-time information and visibility to executives’ support teams, as well as corporate security, flight department personnel, or other third parties who may be involved in their travel planning.” 

Groundwork delivers mobile ground protection on five continents. With the world’s first global team of Mobile Security Specialists, Groundwork offers travel risk mitigation built on preparation, integration, and visibility. Groundwork meets the needs of executives and power travelers who place a premium on time and convenience, and organizations that are serious about safety and security. A wholly owned subsidiary of Travel Research Advisors, Groundwork is headquartered in Dallas, TX. For more information, visit