Ground Movement Expertise

We specialize in one thing, and one thing only: secure ground movements. This clarity of focus helps us ensure that the same high standards are met consistently in every market, on every mission.

The volume and variety of business travel today, coupled with the ambiguous duty of care requirements for different geographies and traveler profiles, only adds to the complexity of a comprehensive travel risk management program. Many providers offer a long menu of security services to address everything from asset transport to remote surveillance and traveler tracking.

At Groundwork, we believe in being laser-focused. In the wide world of travel risk mitigation, Groundwork specializes in discreet mobile ground protection, period. Our expertise in travel safety is broad, but service-centric, secure ground movements are our core competency.

Groundwork’s expertise comes not just from our team’s deep experience in security and crisis management, but in our ability to marry those skills with superior, concierge-level client care. In the past, ground transportation forced a trade-off: you could prioritize executive protection or high-touch service, but not both. With Groundwork, that decision has been eliminated.


  • Ground risk assessment, provider sourcing and management, booking, live oversight
  • Dedicated Secure Ground Specialist embedded in your GSOC
  • Managing all global ground needs for a defined set of principals