C-Suite Executives

A consultative approach and multi-channel communication allow us to work seamlessly with the support teams, flight departments, and corporate security personnel behind executive power travelers.

Family Offices

Because of the range of use cases they represent, from vacations with unique needs to rapidly changing itineraries, family offices are particularly well-suited to the flexibility and customization of Groundwork.

Business Aviation

Working directly with Corporate Flight Departments or Fractional Aviation Providers, we can tailor our service model to meet your partners’ needs with specialized notifications, process adjustments, and custom APIs.

Board of Directors & VIP Meetings

High-level meetings present unique risks and require special attention. We bring advanced tools to ensure success and streamline steps like manifest management, billing, and group messaging.

  • Your team did a fantastic job. Our plane encountered problems and we had to charter a new one to fly to the next meeting. The schedule was always changing and the MSSs just went with the flow, especially in Poland where he was on site for almost 24 hours. You really helped us pull through.

    — Assistant to the CEO, Fortune 500 Industrial Manufacturer

  • Your team was extremely helpful this weekend. Most drivers we deal with are not part of the solution; yours were. They were a great representation of your company.

    — Director of Security, Private Wealth Management Firm

  • Given the somewhat unique nature of our guests at this event, I sincerely appreciate not only your professionalism but also your sensitivity and senses of humor, while interacting with both staff and attendees alike.

    — Chief of Staff, Online Retailer