Mission Management Technology

On-the-ground Secure Ground Specialists are only part of the Groundwork model. The real power of our solution lies in combining experienced professionals with the science of security systems and support.

Groundwork’s operational framework is the key to unlocking the full capabilities of operators in the field. It also sets a new standard for security-first logistics and client care. Our framework integrates:

  • Communications and automated mission management
  • Threat and travel intelligence
  • 24/365 live support
  • Mission oversight and response protocols


  • A proprietary, state-of- the-art mission management technology platform, developed over nearly two decades, that integrates and automates mission activities including remote access for Secure Ground Specialists in the field.
  • 24/365 live oversight and support for both clients andSecure Ground Specialists via our secure global command center in Dallas, Texas.
  • Real-time location verification and visibility via GPS, and text-based status updates to client teams throughout the mission.
  • 48-hour advance details including Secure Ground Specialist photo and bio, as well as vehicle make, model, and plate number so your team knows what and who to expect.
  • Integrated flight tracking and threat monitoring that includes analysis of social media data in over 100 languages.

Our Command Center alerts us to major security incidents
an average of 9 minutes before they hit the news.