The most dangerous part of any travel plan is the movement from one secure location to another. Between traffic accidents, medical emergencies, extreme weather, and unforeseen events, security departments are hard pressed to address this weak link across the range of markets in which today’s executives operate, while also meeting their requirements for concierge-level service.

Groundwork can help.

By focusing exclusively on secure ground transport, and by balancing protection with outstanding client service, Groundwork offers a unique solution to meet the needs of power travelers who place a premium on time and convenience, and organizations that are serious about safety and security.  We offer protection services designed specifically for ground movements, while also delivering the personalized comfort and care of a bespoke traveler experience and the management ease and tools of an enterprise solution – across risk profiles, geographies, and preferences.

Three unique characteristics set Groundwork apart:

We specialize in one thing only: protective ground movements.

Our Secure Ground Specialists conduct every mission.

Fully-integrated mission management technology.