Secure Ground Specialists

Our distinct blend of security and service begins with our people. Our Secure Ground Specialists are responsible for ensuring the care of our principals as they plan and execute missions around the globe. We maintain a direct, one-to-one relationship with each of our specialists.

This team represents a variety of nationalities and backgrounds. Each member comes from an elite law enforcement or military special operations background. They represent decades of experience in emergency medicine, logistical planning, and crisis management.

Yet Groundwork is not just hired muscle. First and foremost, our Secure Ground Specialists are discreet client care professionals who bring rich local knowledge of their markets, a commitment to flawless service, and extensive professional networks to their role – they seamlessly combine protection and concierge-level service.


  • Are hand-selected for their specialized security skills, as well as their personality and professionalism.
  • Attend in-person onboarding, typically at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, where they learn the nuances of the Groundwork service model, how to leverage our proprietary tools and technologies, and meet the team that will be supporting them from our Command Center.
  • Carry a full medical kit in their vehicle and are trained in emergency medicine; many are fully licensed paramedics, medics, or EMTs.
  • Participate in regular training with their Secure Ground Specialist peers, on topics such as medical skills updates, evasive and protective driving, case studies from selected missions, client care best practices, etiquette, technology updates, and travel risk management trends.