Recently, Groundwork’s COO, Donny Purdy, joined Monica Weber of Dataminr for a conversation on “Travel Security in the Modern Era.”

The impetus for the webinar came from the growing number of discussions around duty of care, specifically how it applies to the particularly challenging situation of travel safety.

In the recording, Purdy and Weber discuss the evolving nature of the modern threat environment, taking the following factors into account:

  • The dialogue around duty of care has expanded the scope of responsibilities that have traditionally been addressed by executive protection programs.
  • Threat profiles have evolved dramatically in the last 5-7 years, as places once commonly accepted as ‘safe’ have seen surprising increases in security incidents.
  • The speed of information has changed the game. New alerts, trends and data points are all around us, yet many executive protection programs are not yet taking full advantage of them.

Together, these changes require security teams to take a more holistic perspective to travel safety for executives than ever before; specifically, one that balances both proactive and reactive approaches.

To understand what this looks like in practice, as well as the role technology can play in the travel risk management process, view the full webinar recording.